Kidometer FAQ

Does Kidometer support iPad or Android?

Not yet. It took a while for us to get Kidometer working on the iPhone. We'd love to make it a universal iOS application (so it would rock on the iPad too) and have an Android version, but we're a couple of docs doing this in our spare time. Rather than giving you empty promises, know that we would love to get Kidometer working on these other devices and will work to make a reality. Unfortunately, we cannot give an estimate of when/if this might happen. If things change, we'll update this FAQ. Of course, if Kidometer for the iPhone does well, it will surely be an incentive. :)

If it helps, rest assured that if we build an iPad-compatible version of Kidometer, we will release it as an upgrade to the iPhone version — that is, if you purchase Kidometer, we will not make you pay again for an iPad-compatible version (we've had to buy iPad-compatible versions of apps that we've already purchased for the iPhone and we won't do that to you).

I need some help using Kidometer. Can you help me?

If you haven't already, try watching the overview video. If you still have questions or a problem, you can reach us on @Kidometer on twitter or via e-mail at We are a couple of practicing physicians, so please understand that, if our responses to you are delayed, it's not because we don't love you.

Is there a lite (maybe free) version of Kidometer?

Nope. While we aren't ruling out the possibility in the future, we wanted to focus on a single application instead of supporting multiple versions. Honestly, as we get cycles to work on Kidometer, we'd rather put them toward making it a universal application (so it works natively on the iPad) and an Android version.

Where do you get your data? What references were used?

References are listed at the bottom of each page of data within Kidometer. Scroll down to find them.

I found a bug or some data that are incorrect. How should I report them?

We have worked hard to make sure Kidometer is a well-behaved and bug-free program and that the data are well-referenced and reliable for you; however, we admit to being human. Please report any issues to us on @Kidometer on twitter or via e-mail at

What if my question isn't answered here?

Catch us on @Kidometer on twitter or e-mail us at