The easiest way to get age based norms

Kidometer is a reference of age-based normals, providing immediate access to the information you need while caring for pediatric patients. Tap in the patient's age and gender, then browse through over 200 elements of age-specific data, including vitals, labs, developmental milestones, nutritional guidelines, and other essential information.

– Joel Topf, MD and Burke Mamlin, MD

“This is the easiest way to get age based norms”
-Alex Djuricich, MD
“...this app has so much clinical utility that it should become a staple on every pediatrician's iPhone. As a fourth-year medical student and aspiring pediatrician, I used it every single day on my clinic rotation and my sub-internship, and attendings and residents were impressed with how fast I could come up with necessary information.” Review

Kidometer costs $4.99. Kidometer has no advertising, collects no personal information, does not nag you, and is fully featured with no in-app purchase scheme to unlock the full app. $4.99 for the whole app. One fin and use Kidometer for the rest of your career.

If you think $4.99 is too expensive consider the items in your white coat and what they cost: Penlight ($6), tuning fork ($6), tongue depressors ($7), toy medical kit to distract the kiddos ($16), insufflator bulb ($11).